Waithood is a period of stagnation in the lives of young people, and a state of regaining their independence.
Waithood is in every country and it no respect of person or geographic location.
Waithood is a Global Issue that needs

local solutions.
Sign the Waithood Petition, Participate in Waithood Challenge and Organized a Brand Your Waithood Event.

What is Waithood?

Waithood is a period of stagnation in the lives of youth, a state of helplessness and dependency. Youth are trapped in a seemingly endless wait for education, employment, leadership, marriage, housing, credit and so on. A prolonged time in which large proportions of youth spend their best years waiting, living in a period of suspension between childhood and adulthood. Waithood is considered to be a difficult and unpleasant period in youth lives without work or education, young people are unable to progress in other areas of their development and contribute to society at large.

Awareness & Campaign

#BrandyourWaithood organizes seminars and workshops to educate youth and policymakers that #Waithood is real in every family, communities and it’s a global issues that needs localized solutions.

We provide resources, information and engage policy stakeholder in government, CSO’s whose work focus on youth advocacy and International developers, educational institution, private and public organizations to engage and enlighten them on Waithood.

Petition & Challenge

#BrandyourWaithood challenges everyone all over the world to get involve in eradicating #Waithood in your brother, sister and friends lives by playing an active role in signing petition and participating in challenges both online & offline; to help document #Waithood effect  in every community across the globe for us to present facts and figures to policymakers to effect changes in communities.

Strategies & Solutions

#BrandyourWaithood focus is not to complain about #Waithood, because it already woven into the fiber of every society and communities across the globe.
But to be part of the solutions and a change-agent of #Waithood by empowering young people through various channels to re-brand, get creative and do something positive about the #Waithood in their life’s and to engage and enlighten policymakers to effect policy that will empower and enable youth development.

#BrandYourWaithood Four Areas of Focus

We welcome policy stakeholders, public and private companies, policymakers, educational and institutions to work collaboratively with us in reaching youth in every community.


Africa Volunteering Week 2018.

2018 THEME: Your Health is My Health

DATE: August 12th-18th, 2018 

#AfricaVolunteeringWeek   #YourHealthisMyHealth  


#BrandyourWaithood is on a mission for 2017 to organized in one week, 100 Activities in 54 countries across Africa to empower and impact 100,000 people. Partner with us to make history and put your city and country on the global map of countries re-branding waithood in your community through Africa Volunteering Week.



Here are Evidence that Waithood in Youth is a Global Issues That Needs Localize Solutions.

Guess What Waithood Is Called In Different Countries.

  • In West Africa, “YouthMen” are young men who haven’t yet attained adulthood in society’s eyes.
  • “Bamboccioni” (big dummy boys) – describes Italian men in their 20s and 30s who still live with their parents.
  • “Yo-Yo Generation” of young people in the UK that move back home after university.
  • “Freeters” in Japan
  • “Slackers” in the US describe a legion of young people unable or unwilling to get a “proper” job. they’re also “boomerang” kids who move back home after college because they can’t find work.
  • In Britain, they are NEETs—”not in education, employment, or training.The German word Arbeiter, or worker
  • Spaniards call them mileuristas, meaning they earn no more than 1,000 euros a month.
  • In China has its as  “ant tribe”—recent college graduates who crowd together in cheap flats on the fringes of big cities because they can’t find well-paying work.

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Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar to attend BrandyourWaithood event both online and offlice.

Waithood Stories From Youth Around the World

Read stories about youth waithood daily lives, experiences and how some overcame Waithood.

I met Aymen, a man in his thirties, in October 2014. Unemployed for two years, he spent a great amount of time at the café: “My days are a copy-and-paste, and my future is exactly predictable. I wake up and go to the café. The days are always the same, until I die”
My name is Daniel, 30 years old, my waithood started in university, going to school and living off my parent. I am not oriented or encourage to work, finish university and still in my parents house, no work, no future, discourage to marry and does not event fit into society. For how long will I continue to lazy around, I am stuck and needs help.


Partner with us today in empowering youth in communities and championing youth policy.

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