For Group or Organization Hosting A Volunteering Event/Activities

  • Identify audience for Volunteering Event/Activities
  • Develop an agenda for Volunteering Event/Activities
  • Plan the logistics of your event for Volunteering Event/Activities

Find a location to host your event and decide on Volunteering Event/Activities

Here some options:

  • Hands-on community event/activities
  • Stream the videos relating to the skills you want to share
  • Print and distribute the informational materials Promote your Volunteering Event/Activities
  • Create your event with about Africa Volunteering Week at:
  • Invite friends through your event invitation, and consider adding a post to the Africa Volunteering Week newsfeed.
  • Send an email, WhatsApp message or SMS to friends, family and others in your network inviting them to your Africa Volunteering Week #AVW event.
  • Be sure to provide all the relevant details (date, location, etc.). 

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Report Back To Us your Volunteering Event/Activities.