Africa Voluntering Week Overview

If there is one thing you have contributed to the development of your community, what is it?

On the contrary, take your time to reflect back and asked yourself whether your community has not contribute to your well being. Though it might not be tangible, but think about the peace in your community, the communal living you enjoyed as a child, the moral lessons you learnt from storytelling by the aged and the one your neighbor taught you, just to mention few.

As you request for more and better job, education and social empowerment, we think the development directly affect you when it happened first from your immediate community. But no one will make it happen except you.

One major way you can do this is through volunteering. It is a means for you to invest back to the society. No one is useless. The little you have, you know, you have acquire, you’ve gathered can help another one only when you’re willing to share.
It is against this background we initiate the Africa Volunteering Week.

What is Africa Volunteering Week?

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Africa Volunteering Week is a time to rekindles the spirit and power of volunteerism across the Africa globe in every faucet of life.  We believe volunteering is no respecter of age, geographic location, gender, educational background or financial status. Volunteerism is a unifying force that brings people together; break local and global barriers establish trust and friendship and open endless doors of opportunities to people.

Africa Volunteering Week challenges people to do volunteering activities both offline (face-to-face) or online as long as it impact any Africa communities. Africa Volunteering Week aim to inspire citizens, organizations and government to promote sharing, investing and contribution of one’s skills, time as well as resources which is required to strengthen individual and institution capacity for the purpose of gaining social, cultural, political and economic inclusion and participation.

Africa Volunteering Week — August 12th-18th every year.


An individual or group of individuals, whether an African or not, as long as you can invest your time, skills, experience and energy to positively impact an individual or your community in Africa. We encourage the youth, adolescent and adult, whether unemployed, employed or retired to participate in this volunteering program.

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It has been said that success belong to doer’s not mere knower’s. AVW is an opportunity for unemployed youth to do what he or she knows. It help you to gain practical experience as well as build the resume of you as a volunteer.

For an employed or an employer, it is an opportunity to share their practical experience or invest back into the society what they have learnt. Beyond this, it help retiree health wise as they engaged in any activities they so desire.

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Financial incentive might be available or not, but one sure gain for you is that you have contributed to the inclusive development of an individual, organisation or your community.


Volunteering can take place anywhere. It can be a physical activities (face to face) or online. However, we urge you to volunteer within the yearly theme chosen by the Africa Volunteering Week to plan and design your volunteering activities or event as individuals or organization.This could be a formal or informal education setting. There are numerous activities you can do to volunteer and you don’t need to be a lecturer, teacher, be wealthy or high profile person to do this. Join our community  and also download Africa Volunteering Week Toolkit to get you started.

Click on banner to download Africa Volunteering Week Toolkit.


When can I Volunteer?

Africa Volunteering Week will be taking place between August 12th-18th every year. During this week, you can choose a day(s) or the entire week to volunteer your skills or create and event around volunteering in your community. Join our community and also download free Africa Volunteering Week Toolkit to help you kick-start your volunteer activities.





DATE: August 12th-18th, 2017

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Use Time Zone Conversion:


Use Time Zone Conversion:


You need to join Africa Volunteering Week community in other to access and download all information and material needed for you or your organization to participate in Africa Volunteering Week

  Join__Africa_Volunteering_Week_Community   Download_Africa_Volunteering_Week_Toolkit   Register_Your_Africa_Volunteering_Week_Event-Activities  Find_an_Africa_Volunteering_Week_Event

For Group or Organization Hosting A Volunteering Event/Activities

  • Identify audience for Volunteering Event/Activities

  • Develop an agenda for Volunteering Event/Activities

  • Plan the logistics of your event for Volunteering Event/Activities

  • Find a location to host your event and decide on Volunteering Event/Activities

Here some options:

  • Hands-on community event/activities

  • Stream the videos relating to the skills you want to share

  • Print and distribute the informational materials

Promote your Africa Volunteering Week Event/Activities

  • Create your event with us on Africa Volunteering Week at:

  • Invite friends through your event invitation, and consider adding a post to the Africa Volunteering Week newsfeed.

  • Send an email, WhatsApp message or SMS to friends, family and others in your network inviting them to your Africa Volunteering Week #AVW event.

  • Be sure to provide all the relevant details

Summary & Report Back your Volunteering Event/Activities.


Africa Volunteering Week welcome private & public organization and media to partner with in instilling the power of volunteerism in African for every community and capacity development.

Topsie Olatilewa E. or Rasak Adekoya at