Become a #BrandYourWaithood Ambassador

Collaboration is an integral part of our core value.


  • Are you passionate to make positive socio-economic and political change in your community?

  • Do you fee bothered about the future of misled and misguided youth?

  • When you see inexperience youths protecting in your hood, are you concern to proffer alternatives solutions to issues bothering on employment, empowerment and education?

If you answer YES to these questions above, them we urge you to join #brandyourwaithood as an ambassador.


We are developing strategic alliance with individuals, private & public organizations from different part of the world to end waithood in every community, region, state and country. Your academic qualification is not requires, but what is needed is a burning passion for change, experience in youth leadership and localized solutions to waithood.


#BrandyourWaithood  2017 Agenda

#BrandyourWaithood is on a mission for 2017 to organized in one week, 100 Activities in 54 countries across Africa to empower and impact 100,000 people. Partner with us to make history and put your country on the global map of countries re-branding waithood in your community.


event-week            world                     event                 ocha-inv_activity-leadership-inv_flat-circle-white-on-orange_512x512

     1 WEEK                   54 COUNTRIES                        100 ACTIVITIES                    100,000  PEOPLE


If you have what it takes, fill-out the form below and we will be glad to work with you.