Take the #BrandYourWaithood Challenge Today. Post your #BrandYourWaithood Challenge on Facebook and Twitter.

Post your #BrandYourWaithood Challenge on Facebook and Twitter.

Is it true that when you don’t see what you like, you’ll liked what you see? If you’re skeptical whether this had happened to you, let me remind you.

  • Was the course/field you studied at university your initial plan?

  • Is your current profession the same thing you said you want to be at childhood?

As you reminisce, you will realized that choosing and settling for that right career for you and many has been a challenge.

To stop this skeptical mindset by many young people who are currently undergoing this delayed period, let’s help to #BrandYourWaithood



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I wanted to be — —. I study ———-, graduated at age ——— and now I am practicing/working as a ———-.

Example: I wanted to be a doctor. I studied accounting, graduated at age 30. Now, I’m a practicing/working as a management consultant.


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Tell the world your inspiring story to the world. And together, we can #brandyourwaithood


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Winner Gets a FREE Copy of the ``Brand Your Blindness`` Book

Winner Gets a FREE Copy of the “Brand Your Blindness” Book

Quickly, let’s solve this challenge together and you get a FREE gift for it.

— How old are you when you earn your first salary? Or better still, how old are you when you make your first profit from your business?

— And, what actually delayed you till that age?

I’m Rasak Adekoya : Growing up in Nigeria, mingling with friends from other Africa countries, I realized many youth are denied to live responsibly as an adult. Denial to social, economic and political opportunities thereby restricted from future opportunities.

This delayed period for you to transition from childhood to adulthood is known as “waithood”.

Rather to allow this aggression to continuously lead to youth protest, anarchy and transcend to our upcoming generation, let’s come together to #brandyourwaithood.

  1. Write a short story about what delayed you to earn your first salary at that age.

  2. If you can’t write, use your phone and shoot a short video to tell us the story.

  3. Whether you write or shoot a video, go to our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/brandurwaithood and post it with #BrandYourWaithood .

  4. Remember to end it with #BrandYourWaithood.

  5. After posting, you will get a copy of the bestselling book, Brand Your Blindness for FREE.