#BrandyourWaithood Global Ambassadors


 Country:  Nigeria

oluyi_pictureIssac Oluyi: BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Ile-Ife, Modakeke           State: Osun State                Country:  Nigeria

Oluyi, Isaac Adesuyi, Change Agent, Entrepreneur and Motivational Teacher, is a graduate of Literature-in-English from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.  As a product of creativity discipline, he believes so much about thinking out of the box in proffering solutions to problems. This much he has demonstrated in his foray into entrepreneurship as knowledge plays a critical role in the way he approaches challenges. Isaac Oluyi, a firm believer in establishing and running a knowledge-driven enterprise, participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Training jointly organized by Handong Global University, South Korea and Methodist University College, Wenchi, Ghana. This training has been very useful in the way he pragmatically teaches entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to unemployment. Oluyi has worked both in the private and the public sectors and this has given him insights into the operations of the two sectors with a view to understanding how best to make the Nigeria Project a success. While he continues to affect lives of people through his farm and farmers’ academy, he still works as the Head of Public Relations of a Federal Government Agency, National Centre for Technology Management, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He has, through his farm and the farmers’ academy, trained more than 2000 youths in the area of agricultural entrepreneurship. Oluyi is a sought-after Motivational Teacher on entrepreneurship, small business development and attitudinal change. He is married to Omobolanle and the union is blessed with children.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org 


olanrewaju-lewisOlanrewanju Lewis – #BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Abeokuta             State: Ogun State                     
Country:  Nigeria
I am an Information Systems Researcher currently studying for a PhD in Information Systems at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. I have over 13 years experience as an Information Systems Management Professional. I am passionate about Youth Development and Empowerment and run Youth Arise Network Inc (a Social Enterprise) focused on helping Youths to Unleash their potentials and turn their dreams to reality. I am married to Olufunmilola ; A Human Resource Management Expert and blessed with Children. I am a follow of Jesus and a disciple Empowered to disciple others. I double as a Youth Coach and Mentor.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org


cropped-visa-passport-2Sam Ekwuribe – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Aba             State: Abia State                     Country:  Nigeria

Sam is passionate about MicroFinance & Financial Inclusion with a focus is on using technology to simplify People’s daily lives in Africa – especially access to financial services! He mentors youths and women on Enterpreneurship and runs savings groups that help the poor build startup capital.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org




Muhammad Ibrahim Kau – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Maiduguri             State: Borno State                     Country:  Nigeria

I am Muhammad Ibrahim Kau by name. Age of 26 years old. A graduate from University of Maiduguri held from Borno State.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org




Yusuf Olanrewaju Abdulazeez – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Oshodi            State: Lagos                Country:  Nigeria

Yusuf Olanrewaju Abdulazeez was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Yusuf. A native of Kwara State in Nigeria. He lived across many state in the country such as Plateau, Abia, Kwara and Lagos. Yusuf started his career as a printer where he learned printing, designing and separations.
He attended university of Ilorin, where he studied Information and communication science. During his time in school he went for an internship in an IT firm as a Network Administrator and System Administrator. He took his time to learn computer hardware and software installation. After graduating from the institution, he secured a job at Pleasure and Gains Foods limited were he currently work as an IT officer/Manager in training. Through his experience and education, he has developed in IT fields like web-design, networking, database, E-commerce, etc. He participated in variety of courses, research, and field works that has allowed for broad resources base on which to build his career. He has also acquired skills like leadership, decision making, problem solving, business development, teamwork among others.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org



Balogun Abdulsamod  – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Lagos Island            State: Lagos State                     Country:  Nigeria

Balogun Abdulsamod is a young Writer, Public Speaker, Inspirational Leader and Youth Advocate. He is passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the progress of the youth. He is an active volunteer for several Non Governmental organizations whose goals are and vision are relatively similar to his. He is the recipient of several laurels and awards which include the Dotun Ajiegbile Foundation (DAF) Scholarship Award (2015), Best Scrabble Player Award (2015) etc. He is an award winning essayist and an On-Air Radio Presenter at Unilorin FM 89.3FM. He has a growing experience in broadcast media and a long experience with working with Youths and helping them develop which he utilizes in his succinct advocate for sustainable development. As a passionate Nation builder, he has volunteered for different organizations and also belongs to some NGOs like the Vibrant Teen Girls Academy (VITGA) Lagos Nigeria, The Young Leaders Academy (TYLA) Lagos Nigeria etc. He is a Member of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network, Member of the National Youth Coalition for Democracy (NYCD), an Executive Committee Member for the New African Chapter (NAC) and a Member of the United African Youths (UAYO).
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org



 Country:  Ethiopia


Birhane Nigussie – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Mekelle            State: Tigray State                     Country:  Ethiopia

Birhane Nigussie is an energetic and young sociologist and Masters Degree prospect gradate in community development and leadership.
Birhane was born in a small town called sheraro, Ethiopia on July 19, 1990. He graduated from Addis Ababa University BA in sociology on July 7, 2012. After receiving his education he joined Tigray youth association as junior project officer and then as project manager of internationally sponsored projects( Action aid, British council, USAID) . After two years of service He went back to school to study his Masters degree in community development and leadership. Now he is a prospect graduate with GPA of 3.90.
Alongside his professional experience he have took various trainings such as project management cycle, essentials of leadership, executive and transformational leadership, community mobilizations, HIV/AIDS mainstreaming, etc.
He loves facing challenges and believes life without challenge is not worthy living. He is currently working in Tigray youth association as project manager and youth leadership skill development focal person. Currently Birhane is participating in young African leaders initiative east African regional leadership centre, Nairobi.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org



Country:  Kenya


Betty Mbithi – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Mombasa            State: Mombasa                   Country:  Kenya

Betty Mbithi is the founder and executive director of Abetec Business Solutions a social enterprise working towards financial and digital inclusion mainly targeting youth and women, a segment that she is passionate about. She has over thirteen years experience working in both health and banking sector, volunteered with three  NGOs ,Compassion International, Women & Africa International  and Hope for Africa Girl Initiative. She is Ashoka Change maker scholar. Betty believes that no social change has ever been brought about without a revolution; a thought carried into action. It is from this belief that she draws her passion to develop youth and women as change agents in the society. Currently she is working on a health project in Africa with an NGO (VNoW) Virtual network of Women as a Co-Founder.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org



Country:  Zambia

2016-10-19-11-30-02-114Jedidah Millapo – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Lusaka            State: Lusaka                    Country:  Zambia

Jedidah is a community worker and founder of the Reinventing Democracy Childrens Initiative which facilitates lessons on democracy and governance for children, she is a development analyst and the skills development and training manager at the Barnabas Research and Training Institute. She is passionate about human rights and democracy and mentors young  journalists at the Media Network on Child Rights and Development. she also sits on the board of the Global Platform Zambia and aspires to be a development consultant and human rights advocate in her country Zambia and abroad.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org



Country:  Sierra Leone

2016-10-25-08-58-42Santigie Bayo Dumbuya
– BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City:  Western Area           State:      Freetown             Country: Sierra Leone

Santigie Bayo Dumbuya is trained in leadership and Project Management. Santigie is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for We Yone Child Foundation with 25 employees, 4 volunteers. Under his leadership the charity has constructed three schools, Carried out Ebola education in 17slum communities reaching out 7,700 people. Trained teachers, provide uniforms and learning materials to 300 Ebola affected children. 37 children graduated to government secondary schools supported by our scholarship scheme. 500 children in our communities identified as ‘at risk’ of dropping out of school for financial reasons provided maintenance grants. He is keen to move into social enterprise.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org


Country:  Ghana

img_20160523_123251Emmanuel Adawane Akayaba
– BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Kojokrom         State: Sekondi-Takoradi         Country:  Ghana

Emmanuel Adawane Akayaba is from Ghana.He was born on the 30th January,1987 at Essikadu in the Western region of Ghana.He is a trained professional teacher from the University of Cape Coast-Ghana. He has taught both in the basic school and the Senior High school.He likes reading,listening to music ,enjoys swimming and tourism.He is very passionate and dedicated to what he does and the zeal to make positive change in society.As a result of his dedication towards his work, he was given a certificate of Honour as an Assistant organizer in a Union he joined in the University.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org


 Country: Haiti

001-1Jeeph Sergilles – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
Petionville      State: Petionville                  Country: Haiti

I am a medical student at the Université Lumière (Ulum) and the current Young Minister of Public Health and Population in Haiti Youth Government. Former Curator (Coordinator) of the Global Shapers Community Port-au-Prince which is a World Economic Forum entity (WEF) in Haiti. I am the former Young Member of the First District San Marco and former Vice President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs and of Haitians Living Abroad Youth Parliament of Haiti Volunteer Association’s program for democracy. I am the initiator of the National Network program Youth Ambassadors of Health and the initiator of the Government Maestria Price Haiti Youth (Price through which I paid tribute to personalities who have served the country in the health environment in Haiti). It must also be emphasized that I am the initiator of Nutrishape Program Global Shapers Community Port au Prince.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org

Country:  Uganda

20160715_072736-1Elizabeth Katushabe – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Kampala          State: Kampala                   Country:  Uganda

Elizabeth Katushabe was born in Kabale, Uganda.  She currently live in Kampala where  she is working as a  marketer.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org



brandyourwaithood_logoChristine C. Mwebesa – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Kampala          State: Kampala                   Country:  Uganda

Christine C. Mwebesa  Public Servant for 20 years; HR Practitioner & Trainer, Youth Unemployment, Business practices consultant, University Lecturer for 9 years, Career guidance specialist. Passionate about Entrepreneurship and youth employment.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org


Country:  Somali

Ahmed Omer AliAhmed Ali Omer – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
City: Mogadishu         State: Banadir                  Country: Somalia

Ahmed Omer is an IT Project Manager of eDahab, a mobile payment project by Dahabshiil Group, where he has been working for the last five years. He has led a mobile money solution that serves more than a million unbanked Somalis of which 60% are women. Ahmed earned a degree in Information Technology at the University of Hargeisa in Somaliland; Also an alumni of YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa, where he studied Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship. Ahmed has mentored unemployed and out of school youth as a volunteer. He has passion in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Community Development.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org


Country:  India

sabi Sabiha Hasan – BrandyourWaithood Ambassador
 Country: India

She is an Indian who is the founder of Virtual Network of Women (VNoW) with Betty Mbithi (Co-Founder). This is a PAN Africa NGO with major focus on sub-Saharan region. A management consultant who is volunteering with a five NGO i.e. two based in Africa i.e. Paajaf Foundation, GHANA; WISE, NIGERIA and two in USA i.e. World Pulse and Eco Job Corps. She is Mentoring women in their career development and business expansion through The Aspire Foundation based in U.K.She is an MBA (HR/Operations) and M. Sc. (Botany) with focus on Biotechnology. She did her Entrepreneurship module from IIM (Ivy League), India. She is working as full time Sr. Strategic HR Manager. She is an ASHOKA Scholar 2016.
Email: ambassadors@brandyourwaithood.org